Vue Marelle is for simple, truly
happy girls, full of freedom,
dressed in authentic pride.

Framing a
beautiful era

in history.

A father, mother and daughter.
We are the minds and hearts
behind Vue Marelle.

The emphasis on family values rests at the core of who we are, as a family and as a business. We strongly believe in the power and potential of the young imaginations, the children of today, the leaders of tomorrow. Our vision is that every child should feel free to dream, free to explore. Children should feel proud of who they are, and who they want to become.

We design and craft children’s clothing that surface a sense of presence and an unencumbered spirit from simpler times, when children played freely with their friends in the streets, before our fast-paced society took its toll on our children’s imaginations. Our comfortable, breezy and stylish robes have a vintage spark that brings a nostalgic past into our present and future.


Vue Marelle is inspired,
to inspire the children.



Capturing the nostalgia and helping our customers re-live the simpler times when children experienced true joy and happiness.

Want to join us on this journey?